does breast size matter

Is Breast Size Really An Issue?

does breast size matter

For centuries, women’s bodies (some men may argue especially breast size) have contributed to their overall look and appearance. Ultimately determining their beauty, and how desirable they may look. It has often been the foundation of their confidence and can even determine the direction of their personal and professional life. For many women, their breast size is one of their most important features due to societal factors that play a large role in the expectations placed on a woman’s bust.

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Breast Size & The Media

Undoubtedly, the media has been the driving force behind societies views on how large a woman’s bust should be. Due to music videos, magazines, and celebrities who are praised for their perfect bodies. It easily convinces viewers that women who have larger breasts are of more value, and are essentially in more demand. This has led to an estimated 330,000 women to undergo breast implants in 2012 alone. In Hollywood, the running joke is having breast implants is as common as putting make-up on. Yet those who maintain their smaller bra size cup may often be publicly questioned, or ridiculed.

Although it’s not a fair expectation to put on women who do not always have control over their breast size. It is a reality that has been consistent for several decades. Becoming either a source of personal disappointment, or contributing to lower levels of confidence.

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Trends With Breast Size

In different eras, the expected size of breasts on women have varied. Leading many women to switch out their implants for larger or smaller sizes throughout the years, and undergo a number of surgeries. Location also seems to contribute to breast size trend, as those in Los Angeles opt for larger implants than those in New York. But still bigger breasts are preferred.

Since 1993, the average breast size has increased from a 34B to a 34DD according to a recent survey by lingerie retailer Intimacy. Making fuller busts the norm, and making it easy for smaller busts to stand out in a negative way.

Many women who have small breasts also have challenges in society that others are not aware of. Shopping for clothing can be difficult, as bust sizes have increased in blouses and tops. There are also a number of issues with smaller bra sizes, as it’s more difficult to find bras in A sizes.

It can also be difficult to find men that are attracted to the overall appearance with small breasts. Most men prefer a larger bust, and it can often largely play a role with how much a woman is pursued. Although it’s an unfair advantage, it’s commonly been the norm.

Lower Confidence Levels

It’s been difficult to find women who are confident and happy with their bust size if it’s an A or even B size. Many women want to appear feminine as opposed to having a boyish figure. This can make it difficult to succeed in both the personal and professional life with a lower self-confidence. That can affect how a woman feels about her overall personality and look. Although each woman is beautiful, it can remain a constant struggle and challenge to remain happy with a small bust. When the media influences society to look a certain way on a daily basis.

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